Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead directed by Michael Barakiva. The entire play took place in the final moments, possibly a dream, before Guildenstern's death. Life flashing before his eyes? A dream the night before the execution maybe? 

RENT directed by Mitchell Vanlandingham. The rock musical, a collection of artists living their lives. It feels so fresh, so current, but the 1990s were three decades ago. We approached the production as a period piece to  bring the conversation about HIV/AIDS to our university.  

Alison Cook Beatty Dance is a classically based modern dance company exploring the universal human condition through expansive and emotionally driven movement grounded in American modern dance. The healing and transformational power of the arts inspires the company to work with diverse groups within the community in addition to collaborative efforts with other artists. ACB Dance Company strives to create meaningful dances from the inside-out, fostered by a team spirit and supportive company environment, allowing dancers to grow and explore their own voice as dancers and as people. -- Alison Cook Beatty

Dogs of War directed by Josy Miller. What do you get when you take the entirety of Shakespeare's king plays but leave out the kings? A play about the soldiers, the common people, the rebels living in wartime. And learning that the people fighting the fight rarely understand the scope of the problem.